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What you’ll learn in the venipuncture module: 

Relevant medical terminology and definitions 

How to prepare for venipuncture blood collection and identify the correct collection site

How to visualize the anatomy of the main veins of the upper arms, used as blood collection sites

How to perform the proper order of draws in venipuncture blood collection and the correct use of different collection tubes

Don't rely on just watching videos! Practice with simulations and join the 10,000+ people that learn by doing with SIMTICS. 

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Methods for performing venipuncture using syringe, butterfly needle, and evacuated tube methods 

How to demonstrate laboratory safety.

Correct recording and reporting procedures

We’ve helped over 10,000 people learn how to draw blood safely, with unlimited stress-free learning.

This powerful simulation-based learning module has helped thousands of people just like you to learn how to draw blood safely – and then test their competence. Don't rely on just watching a video to learn an invasive procedure like collecting blood. Take control of your learning and develop your competence with simulations. You can start right now!

So why is it not a good idea to rely on a video to learn this type of skill? We'd like to share a story with you...

It was October 2017 and medical assisting student, Maria, was part-way through her program. She was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having to stick a needle into a patient's arm to draw blood. All she could think about was what if she got it wrong? What if she hit an artery instead of a vein? What if she hurt the patient? Maria had watched the videos her instructor provided, over and over, she'd checked the textbook, and she'd also attempted the procedure in the lab, but she just couldn't master it. This mental block caused her to hash it up badly each time, so none of her classmates would let her practice on them again. She felt so embarrassed.

In fact, her instructor, Dr. Carter, was concerned that Maria would not be able to complete the program and graduate. 

Then someone recommended SIMTICS to Maria. In her own time, even at home, she studied the SIMTICS venipuncture module and practiced over and over in the learn mode simulations until she felt comfortable with each of the three different blood collection methods. Then she moved on to the test mode simulations until she was sure she knew all the procedure steps inside out and could score 100% every time. 

At the next lab session, Maria was ready do the venipuncture procedure again. The problem was that her classmates remembered how Maria had struggled before, and they all refused to let her do a blood draw on them. Dr. Carter knew that Maria had been learning with the SIMTICS simulations and decided to give her a last opportunity to demonstrate that she could actually do this procedure. 

Dr. Carter sat down and held out her arm so Maria could start the procedure - though Dr. Carter was secretly afraid that Maria might do something wrong, like hit an artery! 

Maria took a deep breath... and sailed through the blood collection procedure perfectly, performing every step confidently and correctly! Dr. Carter could hardly believe it: "It's like you're like a different person, Maria. I'm so proud of you!"

Maria smiled. "It felt so different this time. I imagined I was doing one of the SIMTICS simulations, and I realized I knew all the steps in my head."

The SIMTICS module that helped Maria so much is available for you to learn how to draw blood, starting today, for less than the price of a couple of coffees. And if it could help Maria, it's got to be able to work for you, right?

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Video - Of course you will have access to a video demonstration, after all, isn't that the traditional way of learning, with an expert showing and explaining to you what to do? But that's just a small part of what you'll get in your SIMTICS module... There's so much more!

Text - The step-by-step text allows you to access more detail, view equipment lists, learn pre-procedure considerations and complications, and look up relevant external references.

Anatomy - This is where you can put your anatomy knowledge to work in the context of a real-life procedure, and test your knowledge of relevant anatomical landmarks and structures.

Simulation - The real powerhouse inside each module, the simulator is where you "take the steering wheel" and perform each step of the procedure yourself. In Learn Mode the system will guide you and you can make as many mistakes as you want, without anyone looking over your shoulder or judging you. (SIMTICS is endlessly patient!) When you think you know the procedure well enough, you can "fly solo" and use the simulator in Test Mode to check your competence. 

Quiz - You can test your knowledge of the theory with multi-choice questions which are based on the text. As an extra challenge, use the Flash quiz to set a timer for each question to test your speed of recall and see how well you really know your stuff!

Logbook - SIMTICS logs all your activity and scores so you can track your progress. There are reports that you can save and print as a record of your learning. When you meet the minimum criteria, you'll also be able to download a Certificate of Completion.

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"I was really surprised how well I remembered all the steps in the procedure, just from using SIMTICS."

"I really do love this simulation product! I have learned so much and love that we can keep practicing until we feel we have mastered the procedure." 

"The simulations helped me out a lot. I cannot wait to continue on with SIMTICS and see what else I can learn."