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With SIMTICS you can:

Learn anytime, anywhere with powerful web simulations.

Get guidance while you learn--like a teacher at your side.

Practice as many times as you need, until you're confident.

Don't "make do" with just textbooks and videos!
Learn and practice your scanning skills (and have fun) with SIMTICS interactive web simulations

SIMTICS was founded by Professor John Windsor, an internationally renowned surgeon and academic

Prof. Windsor grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas, a remote part of India where his father set up a cardiac clinic. As a result of this experience, he has always been passionate about making healthcare education accessible, scalable and affordable for anyone and everyone. 

He had a goal of using computers and the internet to make it easier to learn how to safely perform healthcare procedures before using expensive manikins or performing a procedure in real life. His team produced the SIMTICS Integrated Cognitive Simulator, which enables you to pre-learn clinical and medical imaging procedures - anytime, anywhere. 


Studying with SIMTICS:

SIMTICS is available for learning ultrasound scanningclinical procedures, radiographic positioning, and other healthcare skills through online web simulation. 

As well as simulations, each SIMTICS module has illustrated text, video, 3D anatomy, and a multi-choice quiz to ensure that all aspects of the procedure can be understood and learned. Your personal logbook automatically tracks your study time, scores and simulation errors. You can access your activity report and print a certificate of completion.


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Cristina Adriano, Sonographer and Lifelong Learner

"I want to say thank you to the SIMTICS team for their ingenious website. As an ultrasound technician who works alone, this website is an absolute savior! I wish I had found it sooner.”

 Online Simulations

for Real-World Results

By allowing frequent online practice (known as 'cognitive rehearsal'), SIMTICS helps you become more competent and more confident compared to students who learn only through traditional classroom methods

Pre-learning with SIMTICS helps make better use of time in labs and sim centres, because you already have foundational knowledge. And you can return to SIMTICS as often as you need, to rehearse and refresh your skills, and reduce learning decay. You will feel better prepared--and more confident--for your clinical labs and externships. 


Watch a 2-minute clip of a simulation:

Learn by Doing. Online.

Web-based simulations allow cognitive learning of skills and frequent practice - regardless of location. Built-in testing.

Easy Access 24/7

You only need a computer with web access. You can study and practice anywhere, anytime, as often as you want.

Progress Tracking

You can track your progress in your personal logbook, access your activity report, and print a certificate of completion.

Cost-Effective Tool

Academic pricing for education institutions. No special hardware required. Subscribe and start using SIMTICS right away.

The Benefits of SIMTICS

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Online Ultrasound Education Resources

Learn by doing - Learn smarter, perform better.

Track your study time and progress.

Be better prepared so you learn more in labs.

SIMTICS web-based simulations allow you to learn and practice ultrasound scanning on your own computer anywhere, anytime.

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